CyTerm requirements for phase 1

Author: Chris Turner,


A web site must exist containing detailed Cyterm project and product information.
An on-line registration form must exist to allow clients to register to join the project and set-up an account.
A download (or order CD) and installation procedure for the product must be available for registered members.

The Cyterm Project can be generalized to General Project. General Projects have a parent and child projects, member lists, joining and leaving procedures, member roles, access control, shared document library, broadcast communication mechanism. The detailed requirements are shown as General Project Requirements.

The terminology management component of the Cyterm software will be called Term1. The detailed requirements are shown as Term1 Requirements.

Unique ids will be required for terms and other objects. While random numbers or hierarchical numbering systems can be used, it is helpful to have a genuinely global id supplier so as to keep numbers small and know that there is no conflict. Such a global uniqid system will be publicly available to all and will be known as UniqId. The detailed requirements are shown as UniqId Requirements.