Term1 Detailed Requirements

Term1 must have the following features :-

  1. Standalone java application which can run offline.
  2. Enter/Store/View/Search author, subject, source, project as backmatter. (id+name+description)
  3. Enter/Store/View/Search concept_id, term, term_id, term type, language, definition, context, explanation, usage, grammar
  4. Import/Export Blind Martif XML,  multiterm.
  5. Export html
  6. Update software on-line
  7. Import/Export/Backup/Restore/Update encrypted with identity and password on-line to Cycom.
  8. Search all fields as free text
  9. Presentation is English language
  10. Keyboard/Display character encoding  is ISO 8859-1
  11. Data storage and processing character encoding is Unicode.
  12. Presentation/editing view structured as source + target+ the rest.